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We gotta get out while were young
`cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run
-Bruce Springsteen, Born To Run



Kinda rly like a girl what do I do


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I remember our sorrows in shades,
like the grey of the shadows,
which loomed that day,
and the white in his lie
when he promised to stay. 

—Lang Leav (That Day, Love & Misadventure)

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Island In The Sun Weezer

The Green Album (2001)

I have so many memories with this song

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Island In The Sun Weezer

The Green Album (2001)

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have u ever tried to look cool in front of ur friends and u image

i have been laughing at this for 10 minutes straight. 

both his pants and underwear came off how did he even manage

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"how would you describe yourself"


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  • Where I’m from: United States
  • Where I would like to live: UK or Ireland idk
  • Favorite food: Tater tots or doughnuts
  • Religion: Satanist
  • Sexual orientation: Bisexual
  • Single/taken: single
  • Favorite book: Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales and Poems
  • Eye color: Green with blue-ish gray
  • Favorite movie: Rock of Ages
  • Favorite TV show: Buffy, Bones, & The Following I can't choose
  • Favorite band/singer: ?? No clue
  • Random fact about me: I'm only 4'9 which is really short apparently
  • Favorite day of the year: Halloween♥
  • Favorite color: Black
  • If I have any pets; if so, their names: 2 chihuahuas named Monster & Nugget, and 2 kittens named Zelda & Angel
  • What I’m listening to right now: Nothing tbh
  • Last movie I’ve watched: We're the Millers
  • What’s my ringtone: Nothin' But a Good Time- Russell Brand (from Rock of Ages)
  • Favorite male character from a TV show: Joe Carroll
  • Favorite female character from a TV show: Cordelia Chase
  • What my name means: Life
  • Favorite superhero: Wonder Woman
  • Celebrity crush: Scarlett Johansson & David Boreanaz